Author: andrewkallman


Reading Time: < 1 minute It is an honor and delight to be facilitating this interactive learning experience on December 7th at 12:00 pm CST (1:00 PM EST, 7 PM CET in Sweden, and 8 PM EET here in Finland) at the 2023 Enterprise Agility World Conference.

Mindset #3 Profiles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nature vs. Nurture? Genetics vs. Environment? Are you stuck with the hand you’ve been dealt? What about IQ, EQ, etc. vs. street smarts? Or, is it really a “both/and” and NOT an “either/or” situation?

Implementing Flow using Culture

Reading Time: 6 minutes Resilience. Everyone is talking about it (as well as living through it). In Finnish they use the concept of “Suomalainen Sisu” (translated to English this means to never, ever give up + to persevere + having guts, courage, and resilience).