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FCP – Flow Certified Professional

Guerilla Leadership has been distilled into the First Principles that are included in the Flow Leadership Framework. And these have been successfully implemented and used by professionals and teams across the globe for over 28 years to deliver consistent, sustainable, and high-performing remarkable results that are duplicatable.

  • Do you aspire to be the best coach, trainer, and mentor in your organization?
  • Have you already mastered (or wish to master) the art of Getting Stuff Done (GSD)?
  • Have you earned other certifications like the Project Management Professional (PMP), Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) or similar?
  • And yet it feels like something is still missing?
What’s missing is Leadership … Guerilla Leadership!

The FCP (Flow Leadership Professional) is the first of the three (3) certifications in Guerilla Leadership (the next two are: the GLC – Guerilla Leadership Coach and the GLT – Guerilla Leadership Trainer).

FCP course certification fee: €250

The FCP (Flow Certified Professional) course consists of instructional videos, blog posts and quizzes on our First Principles for both Flow and Guerilla Leadership.

These are watched and completed at your own pace.

It typically takes an average of four (4) to eight (8) weeks for participants to complete the coursework (18 hours).

You can enroll in the FCP training on an on-going basis and start the 4-week course today – please note that you do not have to pay in advance for the FCP.

The FCP course outline can be downloaded here:


Btw, for anyone that is keeping other certifications current (like the PMP, CSM, etc.), you can earn up to 18 PDUs / SEUs for free, without any additional obligation.

Of course, if you pass the quizzes (75% or higher score), you can then qualify to be an FCP (you will be sent a payment link via email, if you decide that you’d like to invest in yourself and certify your FCP learning, efforts, and achievement).
Register here.

FCP – Flow Certified Professional
Prerequisites and Recommendations

Here are the Steps and Recommendations to earn the FCP:

  • Read Flow and Nehemiah Effect.
  • Successfully Complete the online Flow FCP Course.
  • If you’d like, you can pay the certification fee to be certified and then receive your FCP certificate via email.

This course is worth 18 PDUs (Professional Development Units) for PMI and 18 SEUs (Scrum Education Unit) for Scrum Alliance. 

The 18 PDUs / SEUs are calculated by including the time needed to watch the videos, read the blog posts, and successfully pass your quizzes. 
It is recommended (but not required) that you read both Flow and Nehemiah Effect (and copies of those are included in PDF format along with the entire training slide deck when you take the course).

  • Reading both books is worth an additional 5 PDUs each for 10 PDUs additional (if you haven’t already claimed them as PDUs).

So, the recommended reading plus the FCP course adds up to 28 PDUs, total.

The FCP course consists of the following units:
  • Intro to Flow
  • Vision
  • People
  • 4D Model
  • Flow
  • Flow-based Scrum / Agile

Upon the successful completion of this course (and passing all quizzes at a minimum of 75% right answers), you will then be entitled to apply for you FCP certificate. A link will be mailed to you with payment instructions when you are done.

Not using Guerilla Leadership in your daily work yet? Let’s chat!