Amazing loyalty is just one result of applying the Flow Leadership Mindset.

We make People, Teams, Products (Programs, Projects, Processes) and Organizations (Portfolios) awesome! Flow delivers consistent, outstanding results regardless of organizational or national culture.

Each the 18 main areas and four lenses (Individual, Team, Product, Enterprise) that you use to Deliver the Flow Formula are also simple:

Vision + Right People + the 4D Model (Define, Distill, Deliver and Drive) = Flow!
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Yes, the Flow Formula is intuitive … and that’s because it has been Distilled and honed during the past 26+ years.


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While Flow is simple to understand, simple isn’t easy!

Achieving Flow is NOT easy to do. Most organizations underestimate the complexity of becoming “Agile” or attaining Flow by at least a factor of 10. Here’s why:

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In the picture above, it is clear that:

  • Agile doesn’t even cover half of the action areas (the outer ring) needed to succeed
  • And adding in Agile Program management (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, DA, etc.) barely gets you to over just half of what you actually need … helps explain why there is such a high failure rate for both Agile and scaled efforts
  • Layering Agile Portfolio (or Agile business) leadership on top of that still only brings you about two-thirds of the way that what you really desire as a Leader.
  • The Flow Leadership Framework is the glue that holds the whole picture together and unleashes the true potential of your teams and organization.
Although both of these pictures above might be slightly overwhelming, I encourage you to explore more about the Flow Leadership Framework

Transforming Culture

Transformations fail 70% of the time.
Traditional projects 74% and even Agile fails 58% of the time.
Flow helps you succeed instead!
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Pursuing Excellence

Are you ‘in the zone’ of optimal performance right now as a person, team or enterprise?
Let Flow show you how!
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Training  & Rollout

Helping people master Flow Leadership skills is absolutely the best investment a company can make!
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Flow Leadership

It’s a journey achieving an Organization’s Vision and using the Flow Leadership Framework will get you there.
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The Flow Leadership Framework –
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