Mindset #2 The 4R Model

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The 4R Model is a pattern that manifests itself in ALL religions & philosophies…

…and the first three “R’s” (Right Truth, Right Values & Attitudes and Right Actions) are something I learned at the University studying philosophy and comparative religions back in the early 1980’s with the 4th “R” (Right Results) being added in the late 1990’s.

In the marketplace of ideas (in the relativistic culture in which we live) with rapid redefinitions occurring at an astonishing pace, the simplicity and power of the 4R’s is more relevant than ever.

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Philosophers and theologians have debated about “Truth” for thousands of years.

We’re not going to settle that debate in this article. The “Aha!” moment for me was that in the situation ethics world in which we live that I would be facing thousands of “truths” every day at work. So, for me to help a person transition from A to B in their personal journey to excellence (my assumption is that each person is pursuing excellence, until proven otherwise), then I would need a way to identify, quickly, each team member’s truth. The way that is done is through observation and I use the 4R Model in reverse as a root cause analysis tool to do that:

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The only way that you can smoke out a person’s “truth” is to observe their results and actions. From those you can, within a range, deduce the team member’s real values & attitudes and their “truth.”

The reality is that people’s “walk” doesn’t always align with their “talk.”

This is where the power of the 4R Model manifests itself as it shines a bright light into the dark corners of a person’s soul. It’s not perfectly transparent, but it is good enough to help you understand your team members better and to help guide them in their professional journey.

This is what it looks like when your walk and talk are in balance with your personal and team visions:

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And this is what it looks like when your walk and talk do not match:

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The 4R Model is used in all four lenses, so having the Right People on your team(s) is crucial to your success. If you have the wrong people, with the wrong vision(s), in the wrong roles (we will also expand on this in a future post and video), then anxiety will manifest itself quickly.

On the Average…

The main thing is to make sure that all four lenses (Individual, Team, Product and Organization) have the Right People doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way … if you have that, then you just increased your odds of success dramatically.

…and on average we’ll be right!

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