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GLT – Guerilla Leadership Trainer

This is the stage of your leadership journey where you begin to train, coach, and mentor other FCPs and GLCs.

The Guerilla Leadership Trainer is designed for those individuals that have a passion for training and this will require some additional reading, online coursework and anywhere from 2 to 5 co-training sessions with a full-fledged GLT. The co-training sessions are held online.

GLT course: €450

You must be an GLC (or FCC if you have the original certification) in good standing to take the Guerilla Leadership Trainer course and it includes another two hours of video content plus another half-day live, online, GLT-led workshop; and, you must complete 5 co-trainings with a full-fledged GLT (FCT) to become an GLT (as determined by your GLT).

This course is worth between 13.5 to 26 PDUs / SEUs (depending on which type of co-training that you do to fulfill the requirements for the GLT).
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GLT – Guerilla Leadership Trainer
Prerequisites and Recommendations

Here are the Steps and Recommendations to earn the GLT:

  • Successfully completed the GLC
    • This includes co-facilitating between two to five live FCP, GLC or Meet the Experts courses with a full-fledged GLT
    • The number of sessions required is at the discretion of the GLT that is training, coaching, and mentoring you.
  • Pay your fee and receive your GLT certificate via email.

For those GLCs that would like to facilitate the live exercise sessions for other GLCs that are going through the GLC course, but they would not like to become a full-fledged GLT, they can do the 2 to 5 co-training sessions with a full-fledged GLT and become an authorized GLC exercise facilitator. Later, if they so desire, they can work towards becoming a full-fledged GLT.

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