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GLC – Guerilla Leadership Coach

This is the point in your leadership journey where you begin to make the story yours.

The GLC (Guerilla Leadership Coach, formerly: the Flow Certified Coach) includes over seven (7) additional hours of instructional videos that present Flow from a Guerilla Leadership perspective (also done at your own pace).

In addition, you will participate in a live 4-hour online exercise (meet the experts); plus, the GLC candidate must complete the Flow Case study using the template provided (see link below with the GLC).

The GLC (Guerilla Leadership Coach) is the second of the three (3) certifications in Guerilla Leadership (the FCP and GLT are the other two).

GLC course: €350

You must be an FCP in good standing to take this course and it includes an additional day (7+ hours) of video content on Guerilla Leadership plus a half-day live, online, facilitator-led exercise.

And the participant must complete the Flow Case Study to earn the GLC Certification.

The video content for the GLC includes the voices of a dozen Guerilla Leadership Coaches and Trainers that have been successfully using Guerilla Leadership and Flow in leading their teams and organizations.

This course is currently worth around 15 PDUs / SEUs.

You can enroll in the GLC training on an on-going basis and start the 3-part course today.
Register here.

GLC – Guerilla Leadership Coach
Prerequisites and Recommendations

Here are the Steps and Recommendations to earn the GLC:

  • Successfully completed the FCP
  • Successfully complete the half-day online GLC course (there is a fee for this and the payment link will be sent to you before you can register for this training)
    • This course must be completed with a full-fledged GLT
  • Complete the Flow Case Study (you can use a current or past assignment on which you are working / have worked)
    • Could take anywhere from a few weeks to twelve months to complete
  • Receive your GLC certificate via email

The Guerilla Leadership Coach certification was added to our certifications in the beginning of 2020. This is a new step in between the Flow Certified Professional and the Guerilla Leadership Trainer levels.

The vision for this certification is to move the FCP certificate holder up to the next level of leadership. And to take the knowledge, understanding, tools and techniques out of the books and online training and apply them in the real world using the Flow case study template (same link is also at the top of this page).

This is the point in your journey where you begin to make the Flow and Guerilla Leadership story(s) your own.

The Guerilla Leadership Coach consists of a half-day of online video training and includes a half-day live, instructor-led exercise. Upon completing those, the candidate then completes the Flow case study. The case study helps the GLC to take the tools and mindset from both of my books and apply those to real world situations. Upon the completion of this course, the participant then receives their certification.

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