Voices of Flow #8

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Today’s video features Glenn Liguori MS, CAPM, FCP, FCC, FCT who is one of our Flow Trainers. He is teaching-back Tile 5 (Cascading Vision One Thing).

Every organization is able to cascade their vision to a certain extent (depends on how much dilution occurs between the C-suite and the teams).

Very few are able to do so clearly, crisply and even fewer are able to link-back to the vision of their products, programs, portfolios, divisions or to the big picture in the C-suite:

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Glenn’s video with his teach-back on Cascading Vision is here:


Using Cascading Vision and the Power of the One Thing in your daily work is your next step in applying Flow Leadership to achieve the results you want to deliver and that your organization so desperately needs.

So don’t delay – let’s chat!


For those that are not familiar with the Flow Leadership Framework & Mindset, it is what’s next for businesses and organizations that are ready to succeed regardless of the methods, frameworks or management tools that they use throughout their enterprise. Flow is methodology agnostic.

Are you ‘in the zone’ of optimal performance right now as a person, team or enterprise? Did you get there by accident or by focused intentional acts?

“Flow” gives you the way of working and mindset needed to create and maintain an optimal state of high performance as an individual, team or organization.

The Flow Leadership Framework turbocharges everything you do, including “business agile” leadership and Scaled Agile.


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