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Webinars & Videos

Reading Time: < 1 minute We have done a number of events and have recorded a ton of videos during the past couple of years and you can find those here. Webinars Why Guerilla Leadership? It is deeply embedded in our DNA to help build the profession and this includes helping people master Flow Leadership skills. This is the best […]

Case Studies

Reading Time: < 1 minute Case Studies and White Papers. The Flow Leadership Framework and Mindset has been used in multiple industries in North America, Europe and Asia. During the coming months, both case studies and white papers will be made available here. Simple is not Easy! Flow Manifesto ———- Not using Guerilla Leadership in your daily work yet? Let’s […]

Mentors, Trainers, & Coaches

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mentors, Trainers, & Coaches The Guerilla Leadership community is growing, and it is great to recognize everyone that has invested in themselves and their pursuit of personal excellence via the Flow Leadership certifications (FCP, FCC and FCT). As the community grows, we may have to switch to a new format for that since we want […]

Voices of Flow #20

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today’s video features Dan Kallman, FCP, FCC, FCT, who is one of our Flow Certified Trainers. Like Brian (who taught-back on this topic in last Friday’s post), Dan’s experience and results are also impressive and includes having been the Manager, Corporate Quality for Steelcase. He is teaching-back Tile 13 for us (4D Model).