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Mastering Agile: using Guerilla Leadership & Flow to win!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mastering Agile: using Guerilla Leadership & Flow to win! This course (Mastering Agile: using Guerilla Leadership & Flow to win!) is available only on Udemy. The list price is €149 Euros, but coupons will be available from time to time, both from Udemy and myself. Sound familiar? Look no further than Guerilla Leadership’s Flow-based Agile […]

GLC – Guerilla Leadership Coach

Reading Time: 2 minutes GLC – Guerilla Leadership Coach This is the point in your leadership journey where you begin to make the story yours. The GLC (Guerilla Leadership Coach, formerly: the Flow Certified Coach) includes over seven (7) additional hours of instructional videos that present Flow from a Guerilla Leadership perspective (also done at your own pace). In addition, you […]

FCP – Flow Certified Professional

Reading Time: 2 minutes FCP – Flow Certified Professional Guerilla Leadership has been distilled into the First Principles that are included in the Flow Leadership Framework. And these have been successfully implemented and used by professionals and teams across the globe for over 28 years to deliver consistent, sustainable, and high-performing remarkable results that are duplicatable. What’s missing is […]

Guerilla Leadership Global Gathering

Reading Time: < 1 minute The slide deck for the day is here and the videos for each mindset from the Guerilla Leadership Global Gathering held on 03 December 2022 are here: Intro: GL Overview, Asymmetry Triangles + Journey to Excellence 14 minutes 58 seconds(Andrew Kallman) Mindset 1 – Individual: The Four Lenses 16 minutes 10 seconds(Robert Heath) Mindset 2. […]

Mindset #3 Profiles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nature vs. Nurture? Genetics vs. Environment? Are you stuck with the hand you’ve been dealt? What about IQ, EQ, etc. vs. street smarts? Or, is it really a “both/and” and NOT an “either/or” situation?