What’s your Passion #35 – Modern Agile: Deliver Value Continuously

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Deliver Value Continuously … using the Flow Leadership Framework!

This is the second of a 4-part series (first two parts were written with my brother Ted while he was still alive) that describes how the Flow Leadership Framework maps to Modern Agile.

Part one was “Make People Awesome … using the Flow Leadership Framework!” The second key area in Modern Agile is “Deliver Value Continuously.”

Modern Agile
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Here’s a quick overview of the value consistently and continuously added by teams using the Flow Leadership Framework in organizations across the globe during the past 26+ years:

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How did those teams Deliver that kind of remarkable results, over-and-over again? By following the 4D Model from Flow. They Defined the value and filtered it through the organization’s Anticipatory Vision.

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True value is only derived through the lens of a properly executed Strategy that accomplishes your Vision. Apart from individual growth and the value derived by working within a Culture of Trust, we have observed that there are usually only four primary areas that organizations focus on to deliver value continuously (the 4 “Whys?”):

  1. Increase Revenues
  2. Save Costs
  3. Mitigate and/or Eliminate Risk
  4. Do the Right Thing

In the Product corner of the Flow transformational four-box, we include Product, Service and/or Result in this area. Also included in this area are Program Management (PMOs, Release Trains, SAFe, LeSS, Nexus) and Process Management:

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There are a number of roles that somewhat overlap in the Product corner above:  Agile Coach, Agile Project Managers, Product Owner, Product Manager and Program Manager (or Director).

Flow gives you the tools, patterns and methods for dealing with organization chaos and unclear Definitions (which many times happens within the Product and Organization boxes):

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Continuous improvement at the organization level requires understanding and leadership directed at all four boxes. An Enterprise Agile Coach (using Flow) can help an organization accelerate into high performance in all areas, including continuous improvement and innovation. Flow begins with Vision. It helps you Distill your “why,” higher purpose and/or your “One Thing.”

Flow transforms your organization in a way that sustains all of your individuals and teams (both Technology and Business) during their journey to becoming Awesome. As we shared in our last post, a really good Enterprise Agile Coach understands politics and is (at the same time) a competent Management Consultant:

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Each area builds on all the others areas. Team level facilitators (Scrum Masters) often make great Agile Coaches (same for Agile Project Managers that have real Scrum Master experience). Agile Coaches can become great Enterprise Agile Coaches if they learn how to deal with politics and become competent Management Consultants. An organization should be prepared, financially and time-wise, for a multi-year journey to get there.

An excellent Management Consultant understands how to communicate with Executives in a language that Leaders understand. The “Agile-ese” that is spoken at the team level seldom works with Executives. Leaders tend to latch onto buzzwords that sound great (like “being Agile”), without perhaps really understanding the level of change that they must personally go through to understand Agile. Without leaders understanding and being Agile, the organization will struggle with transformation.

If an Agile Coach makes the mistake of assuming they have organization buy-in because the Executives can accurately pronounce the word “Agile,” but have no true understanding of Agility, then they risk ending up very frustrated like Jayme from our previous blog post who encountered a completely new set of political and organization challenges that Agile doesn’t address (see video link from our previous blog post on “Making People Great … using Flow“).

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We have used the 4D Model over-and-over again in helping organizations Distill their Products, Services and Results. It is simple enough that it can be described on a napkin. The patterns we use are repeatable. But, simple isn’t easy and how those patterns manifest (or are used) may be very unique, depending upon the situation we encounter in each organization. Flow consistently and continuously Delivers measurable value.

Start Delivering outstanding value, today, by using the Flow Leadership Mindset!


For those that are not familiar with the Flow Leadership Framework, it is what’s next for businesses and organizations that are ready to succeed regardless of the methods, frameworks or management tools that they use throughout their enterprise.

Are you ‘in the zone’ of optimal performance right now as a person, team or enterprise? Did you get there by accident or by focused intentional acts?

“Flow” gives you the tools and practices needed to create and maintain an optimal state of high performance as an individual, team or organization.

Flow turbocharges “business agile” leadership. 

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