What’s your Passion #33 – Loyalty

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Everyone talks about it.
Executives really want it.
Even Fewer can create it.

Today’s blog post goes in-depth with an example of a team and team member’s loyalty that left an executive not only stunned, but wanting to know how we did that. 

One part of Loyalty is understanding people via the 4R Model:

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Another part is Culture:

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When you apply the above two mindsets to your teams and team members, here’s what the results sound like, as shared by Bob Geist, FCT:

  • A pilot scrum team met with the head of the Division to discuss Agile. Not the business results, which were already really good, but how they were able to deliver.
  • Bob shared three memorable interactions between the team members and this executive:
    • Young leader – when asked the question when Agile should be used he said ‘always’. His point was that when leading with the right mindset you will always deliver better results. This answer surprised the executive because his team had been looking at Agile as a tool, not a mindset.
    • Experienced Manager 1 – shared the frustration of the team that the lack of organizational support was slowing down the team. They were delivering a product but no one was assigned to take the hand-off to use the product. The executive asked his staff ‘why am I just hearing about this now?’ This was evidence that he had been receiving filtered information.
    • Experienced Manager 2 – this team was made up of people from 7 different departments, all having a part time assignment. He shared that he looked forward to the daily scrum and seeing his teammates (it was his daily “oasis” and sanctuary). He was closer to these team members than his own department (they would stop in the halls and chat like old friends). Even if he did not have an update because of conflicting priorities from his department, he felt responsible to be with his teammates.
  • All spoke passionately about their experience and wanted the company to continue to move in this direction. They were an example of what could be. And, an example of amazing loyalty.
  • The executive asked his staff to “clone” this experience for other teams (sent them to us immediately the next day to ask how we did what we did – even though they had worked with us for 10+ months, side-by-side).
    • After Bob and Andrew had explained it, all of the copies of “Flow: Get Everyone Moving in the Right Direction and Loving It” suddenly disappeared from our team room.

As I have shared during the past two months, if you never take what we’ve written in our books and put it into practice, then you will never receive the benefit of the duplicatable results and stark raving loyalty that the Flow Leadership Framework consistently delivers.

Spoiler alert: how we create “I’m-willing-to-throw-myself-under-the-bus-for-the-team-loyalty” is actually shared in both of my books

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