What’s your Passion #32 – Outrunning your Sherpa?

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Sometimes gems pop-up without us even asking. Just like the image I share in this blog post…

It showed up in “memories” on my phone today and it’s about bright individuals that want to “improve” the Flow Leadership Framework … without even having been through all of the training. 

That question that popped-up recently at one of the Flow Virtual Coffees with the FCCs and FCTs:  what do we do with individuals that want to outrun their Sherpas?

As usual, the team present shared some great thinking and ideas in response. And it can be summed up rather quickly: until you’ve actually put into practice the mindset that we teach, it’s probably a little premature to offer suggestions for “improvements.” 

The Flow Leadership Framework has been honed and distilled during the past 26+ years in the real-world fires of assignments across the globe. Your organization’s way of working and/or culture is simply not unique. 

Can Flow adapt to your way of working and organizational culture? Absolutely. This is because the Flow Leadership Framework is methodology agnostic and will boost any team’s performance regardless of the team’s chosen way of working. 

Let’s chat soon!


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