What’s your Passion #21 – LinkedIn Marketing

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What are your thoughts … is LinkedIn Marketing worth the effort?
What are you doing to get your message out to your target audience?

Although I was among the first 70,000 people to sign-up for LinkedIn, I still consider myself a novice regarding using LinkedIn as a marketing channel.

Here’s one of the marketing images and motivation for using LinkedIn from Entrepreneur Magazine (click image for link to article):

8 Lessons in Using LinkedIn for Marketing

Moving both existing and new contacts & followers from interest to action appears to be quite a challenge. Here’s another image for increasing APP downloads (click image for link to article):

5 Ways LinkedIn Marketing Can Boost App Downloads

Btw, for those that have been participating in the poll I shared last Saturday, today is the last day to vote (I’ll drop the link in the comments). On Wednesday, 12 May, I’ll share the results and some additional thoughts in a post.

Do you have any good marketing tips that have worked for you on LinkedIn?

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