What’s your Passion #20 – Management?

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Curious what your thoughts are on managers … and what to do with them from an Agile perspective? Today I’m doing a poll on LinkedIn with these questions:

  1. Repurpose them?
  2. Remove them?
  3. Other? (share your thoughts in the comments on the LinkedIn poll)

Recently, a customer that has been struggling for years about what to do with their managers, after observing the remarkable value-add that the Flow Leadership Framework delivers, he remarked:

“Flow is the puzzle piece that plugs the Management gap and disconnect that exists in all Agile & Scaling Methods and it answer the question of what do we do with our middle layer of management!”

It begins to be a little more clear when we use the Four Lenses and combine that with Roles:

Without winning the hearts and minds of middle management in the Team, Product and Organizational areas, it will be tough to transform the culture into a resilient organization that can be nimble and quick.

Let’s chat today about turning your management into cultural transformation champions.


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