What’s your Passion #10 – Learning to Unlearn

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Although Einstein is credited with the following quote (it’s disputed he ever said it), the axiom is still true:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.”

During the past 7-8 years the traditional PM (Project Management) industry has moved from a 14% to 26% success rate by incorporating Agile into their toolkits.

At the same time, Agile has incrementally improved from a 39% to 42% success rate.

Kudos to both for the improvements.

Following the Agile Manifesto’s “We are uncovering better ways” means continuous improvement and looking outside the echo chambers PM & Agile created.

They both face a long learning journey to eliminate the confusion, negative friction, underperformance and failure they routinely create.

For those of us that have moved beyond PMI, Agile, Lean, etc. with the Flow Leadership Framework and are enjoying higher rates of success, it’s pointless that these groups push back.

And, being bombastic and challenging from an entrenched mindset that FAILS between 58%-74% of the time demonstrates arrogance, ignorance and a deep inability to unlearn everything contributing to their failure rates. 

Flow still wins.

Flow turbocharges whatever team-level method you use.

So, if you’re ready for some real learning on how to deliver higher rates of success, let’s chat… 

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