Reflections on a Boss

Recently a friend of mine that also works with Flow, Fin Goulding, was reflecting on why some bosses he had in the past were great (and others not so great).

Fin’s Post

Here is Fin’s recent post and in his own words:

I was reflecting recently, on why I had a great relationship with some bosses and an awful one with others.

And this led me to the fact that when trust between us was high and if they were open to new ideas, we would be an unstoppable team.

On the other hand, when any of these elements were low, they became what I call an LCD boss. 

The Lowest Common Denominator boss in a company is change-averse and, they suppress new ideas for fear of not understanding them or not being able to control everything.

This can explain why a recommendation to adopt an agile methodology is rejected or annual budgets remain the norm and governance controls are constantly tightened etc.

So, for fun, I mapped my previous bosses onto this 2×2 chart and found that very few of them could be placed into the upper right quadrant.

Of course, one factor that could come into play is how much I drove them crazy with my constant love of change!

Fin’s Magic Quadrant

And Fin’s four quadrant picture is simple and elegant:

Source: Fin Goulding

For me, this picture reminded me of the Flow / Anti-flow picture we use in Flow:

We use the above picture in all Four Lenses in the Flow Leadership Framework & Mindset.

Fin’s Magic Quadrant can be combined with the Flow / Anti-flow picture

And combining Fin’s idea with the Flow / Anti-flow image (switching out Vision & Delivery with Trust & Ideas) results in this combined view:

Source: Fin Goulding and Andrew Kallman

If you are not experiencing a state of effortless, personal Flow, then the template that Fin shared will help you quickly pinpoint and mitigate your situation.

This picture can be captured with a survey!

Btw, one of the best responses to Fin’s post was from Shaun McDonald:

Nice one Fin. it would be interesting to see where our direct reports would plot us

Actually, that can be done very quickly and here is a sample survey that you can use with your teams to see what they actually think. Reach out to me know if you’d like a personalized survey created and I can set that up for you.

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