What’s your Passion #30 – you get what you measure

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You get what you measure. 
Many, not all, measurements are proxy variables.
But, you still get what you measure.

Today’s blog post is about some of the things we measure using the Flow Leadership Framework. 

For example, we measure where the team members and teams are on the Aha! curve. It’s a snapshot in time that we measure during retrospectives. First monthly and later quarterly. This is really a powerful tool to use in your retrospectives.

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Over time we are able to map the team’s progress, using the Aha! Curve towards sustainable high performance and delivering valuable products, services and/or results. 

We also have more powerful measurements that we use for teams, products, projects, programs and portfolios:

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In addition to the dashboard view above, we have a number of ways to measure team, product and organizational health. These are tailor-made for each customer, depending up their needs & situation:

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An in-depth view of how we measure is also included in the free FCP (Flow Certified Professional) online training.

The certification, of course, has a fee…


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