Flow Training & Certifications – Overview

With the advent of Covid-19 and the subsequent lock-downs (and dramatic changes to how we will be doing business in the foreseeable future), there have been some updates to the Flow Certifications that I offer.

There are now three (3) Flow certifications – first an overview and then a little more detail on the requirements for (and the path to achieving) each certification:

Flow Online Courses Pricing & Registration

FCP … €250

The FCP (Flow Certified Professional) course consists of instructional videos, blog posts and quizzes. These are watched and completed at your own pace; and, it typically takes around four (4) weeks to complete the coursework (18 hours).

You can enroll in the FCP training on an on-going basis and start the 4-week course today – please note that you do not have to pay in advance for the FCP.
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FCC … €350

The FCC (Flow Certified Coach) includes four (4) additional hours of instructional videos that present Flow from a transformation perspective (also done at your own pace; and, you have roughly one week to watch the videos), a live 4-hour online exercise; plus, the FCC candidate must complete the Flow Case study using the template provided (see link below with the FCC).

You must be an FCP in good standing to take this course and it includes an additional half-day (4-hours) of video content on Flow Transformational Leadership plus a half-day live, online, facilitator-led exercise; and, the participant must complete a Flow Case Study to earn the FCC Certification.

You can enroll in the FCC training on an on-going basis and start the 3-part course today.
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FCT … €450

You must be an FCC in good standing to take this course and it includes another half-day of Flow content plus another half-day live, online, FCT-led workshop; and, you must complete 2 to 5 co-trainings with a full-fledged FCT to become an FCT (as determined by your FCT).
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Course Descriptions, Requirements and Recommendations

FCP – Flow Certified Professional

Here are the Steps & Recommendations to earn the FCP:

This course is worth 18 PDUs (Professional Development Units) for PMI and 18 SEUs (Scrum Education Unit) for Scrum Alliance.  We arrive at 18 PDUs / SEUs by including the time to watch the videos, read the blog posts and take your quizzes. 

It is recommended (but not required) that you read both Flow and Nehemiah Effect (and, copies of those are included in PDF format along with the entire training slide deck when you take the course). Those are worth an additional 5 PDUs each for 10 PDUs additional (if you haven’t already claimed them as PDUs). So the recommended reading plus the FCP course together add up to 28 PDUs, total.

This FCP course consists of the following units:

  • Intro to Flow
  • Vision
  • People
  • 4D Model
  • Flow
  • Flow-based Scrum / Agile

Upon the successful completion of this course (and passing all quizzes at a minimum of 75%), you will then be entitled to apply for you FCP certificate. A link will be mailed to you with instructions on how to do that when you are done.


FCC – Flow Certified Coach

Here are the Steps & Recommendations to earn the FCC:

The Flow Certified Coach Is a new certification that was launched here in the beginning of 2020. This is a new step in-between the Flow Certified Professional and the Flow Certified Trainer levels. The desire for this certification is to move the FCP to the next level and take the knowledge, understanding, tools & techniques out of the books & online training and apply them using the Flow case study template.

The Flow Certified Coach fills the gap that was left due to the changes made to the Flow Certified Professional course. It consists of 1/2 day of online training. It also includes 1/2 day live, instructor led exercise. Upon completing those, the candidate then completes the Flow case study. The case study helps the FCC to take the tools and mindset from both of my books and apply those to real world situations. Upon the completion of this course, the participant then receives their certification.

This case study was previously required for the Flow Certified Professional. Since the Flow Certified Professional course is now completely online with a number of quizzes, once you have successfully passed those quizzes, you will receive your FCP certification (upon submitting the Certification fee).


FCT – Flow Certified Trainer

Here are the Steps & Recommendations to earn the FCT:

The Flow Certified Trainer is designed for those individuals that have a passion for training and this will require some additional reading, online coursework and anywhere from 2 to 5 co-training sessions with a full-fledged FCT. Due to the current situation with coronavirus, the co-training sessions will be held online. The live co-training sessions required for the FCT are suspended until such time that we can actually hold live courses again.

For those FCCs that would like to facilitate the live exercise sessions for other FCC’s that are going through the FCC course, but they would not like to become a full-fledged FCT, they can do the 2 to 5 co-training sessions with a full-fledged FCT and become an authorized FCC exercise facilitator. Later, if they so desire, they can work towards becoming a full-fledged FCT.

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