Surviving Scaled Agile – your roadmap to success

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Recently, Hans Gillior and I conducted a survey on Scaled Agile and then presented the findings at a Meetup on Thursday, 12 Nov 2020. Hans facilitates the Digital Transformation Stockholm Meet-up; and, I do the same for the Stockholm, Agile Governance Community of Practice – Sweden.

The Key Findings of the survey aligned with our observations during the past five years of the struggles through which organizations are experiencing:

  • 84% of Digital Professionals stated having severe difficulties in the implementation of an Agile Way of Working (a lot of Friction)
  • 74% of Digital Professionals stated that they did not have any way of measuring the effects of an Agile Way of Working
    • Very limited measurements of the effects of agile way of working
    • They have no Executive dashboard for measuring/analysis/reporting & decision making
  • 74% of Digital Professionals stated that the key challenges of implementing an Agile Way of Working included a common vision, knowledge sharing, collaboration across borders, culture/leadership and training/experience

For those that were unable to attend the event live, we recorded the Meetup here:

If you would like to watch this video on Youtube (and take advantage of faster playback speeds, etc.), click this link:

And, the PDF for the slide set is here:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to either Hans or me if you would like to have a conversation on how we can be part of your journey of Surviving Scaled Agile…