What’s your Passion #7 – One Language, One Mind and One Plan

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Jeff Sutherland is credited with having said, “…that absolute alignment of purpose and trust is something that creates greatness.”

Great quote and simple idea. But, simple is seldom easy.

Jeff’s quote reflects the spark from 1972 that is now known as the Flow Leadership Framework. As shared in an earlier post, Vision is your higher purpose. 

There are at least three inverted triangles that we use in our #leadershipframework to communicate how to achieve alignment, centered on Vision. 

The first one is the 1L + 1M + 1P = 1V Formula triangle (One Language + One Mind + One Plan = One Vision). This meshes perfectly with the 4D Model: Getting everyone speaking the same language requires everyone is working from the same set of Definitions (D1). The hard part is Distilling Agreement (D2) in order to achieve one mind. If you succeed with the first two, the putting together one plan to Deliver (D3) goes more smoothly. When these parts fall in place, Driving (D4) to achieve the Vision just became doable.

The second one is the Mental + Physical + Social triangle … centered on the individual’s Vision. The individual’s Vision must align with the team’s and organization’s Vision(s). If it doesn’t, then they should be doing some soul-searching on whether-or-not they are working for the right organization.

The Third one is the Business + Technology + Relationships triangle … centered on the team’s and organization’s Vision. Distilling agreement between Business and Technology is an art. It requires the ability to both translate and gain agreement. This is why gaining alignment is sometimes very elusive.

These three triangles are simple to comprehend.

Creating and achieving a unified Vision requires both the skill & understanding of how to do that by using the concepts shared above. 

Getting “everyone moving the right direction & loving it” isn’t easy to implement. That’s what the Flow Leadership Framework is all about.

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