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Nature vs. Nurture? Genetics vs. Environment? Are you stuck with the hand you’ve been dealt? What about IQ, EQ, etc. vs. street smarts? Or, is it really a “both/and” and NOT an “either/or” situation?

Can choice leverage both?

Yes, my observation is that it’s a “both/and” plus choice overcomes both! My picture for an individual looks like this:

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Yes genetics count. But, so does the environment you grew up in (and are living in now). Ultimately, choice wins. There are too many examples of people overcoming both genetics and environment through choice (pure will power).

One of the best examples of this that I’m aware of is Nick Vujicic:


Love the truth behind the opening of this video (it’s not too long – just over 8 minutes – from a quick scan of the slides, it’s basic psychology taught in any BBA or MBA program). Maslow’s pyramid is an explanation of behavior, but Truth (ethics, morality, etc.) comes first because everyone, without exception, Distills their values (and attitudes) from their personal Truth.

And, at the core of the person is the individual’s Vision and Spirit – and we capture this in the 4R Model of the Flow Leadership Mindset:

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By the way, ALL religions, philosophies and/or worldviews use the 4R Model (I learned the first 3 “Rs” already back in the early 1980s in my BBA program). My observation was, by the time I graduated with my MBA in 1993, that you can still get the first three right and still end up with wrong Results due to things way outside the scope of your control.

Thus, I added the 4th R when I was finishing up my MBA. The 4R Model is the mirror image of the 4D Model that we use with teams (that was Distilled in the late 90s, so the 4R Model is the predecessor to the 4D Model).

So, when your values are “talking” it’s actually your walk and your talk that are in alignment. If you aren’t getting the results you want in life, then there is a very high likelihood that you need to look at your actions, your values & attitudes and then, ultimately, your Truth. Not sure that many people understand the full power of Truth.

The Truth will set you free. Just ask Nick.

Btw, I do not accept that “personality” is constant.

Most personality profiles & tests are, at best, a snapshot in time and are more-or-less invalid after about the first five minutes after completing the test. If you want to dive more into that, look at my FCP training video on Personalities (16 minutes long):


Think personality is constant? I’ve seen too many instances to the contrary during my career to know that this is simply not the case. Unfortunately, the idea that personality is “constant” is the assumption on which all personality profiles are built – and that is a fatal flaw in the testing. Use them if you will, but I have very little faith in their usefulness or accuracy.

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