Whats your Passion #25 – Stakeholder Influence

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Are you “influencing up?” 
Or are you being “managed down?”

Old-school thinking used to be that we “manage up, down and sideways.” The game has changed and how to influence up, down and across the organization (without authority) is the new way to get things done.

In the Flow Leadership Framework, we have a unique way of mapping Stakeholder Power + Interest and Stakeholder Power + Effort.

Each Stakeholder is identified as a +, – or a 0 (is the Stakeholder for, against or neutral to your assignment?). We then layer-in is the Stakeholder for, against or neutral toward you.

In any political campaign, it is important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t waste any effort trying to convert the heretics (or those that don’t like you). Skeptics, on the other hand, are worth the effort to win them over to your mindset. 

Of course, you don’t have any politics where you work, right? 

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