What’s your Passion #2 – Flow Friction Analysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Peter Drucker has a very famous quote about the “three things that happen naturally in an organization are:

  • Confusion
  • Friction
  • Underperformance

Everything else requires leadership.”

In the Flow Friction Analysis (based on the Flow Formula of Vision + Right People + 4D Model = Flow (Success)) if the items on the left are missing, then the items on the right will be manifesting with your individuals, teams and your organization:

Another way to look at it:

  • No Vision? You’re probably experiencing Anarchy
  • Wrong People? Anxiety – your team members will be anxious
  • Wrong / No Definitions? Confusion – your team members will be confused
  • No Distilled Agreement? Politics – none in your organization, right?
  • Unable to Deliver? Chaos – the mother of all underperformance
  • Can’t Drive to Completion? Division – “misaligned, but everyone tries their best”

Haven’t seen a team, project or an organization (yet) where at least one, two, three or all of these anti-patterns were present. The beauty and power of this analysis is that you can quickly ID the root cause and then immediately help your teams and organization resolve the issue.

Creating friction-free teams and environments should be the #1 goal for anyone leading Agile product development, Scaled Agile efforts, projects, programs and/or portfolios. 

Start using the Flow Friction Analysis today to eliminate the Friction, Confusion and Underperformance that occurs naturally in any organization and you will increase your odds of success dramatically…

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