What’s your Passion #19 – Friction

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Is there Friction in your teams?
Are they experiencing confusion?
How is their performance?

There is both good and bad friction. To me it is self-evident that thought-leaders, like Peter Drucker, when talking about friction in business are usually referencing the bad kind.

– Peter Drucker quote

The Flow Friction Analysis I use is jaw-dropping simple, powerful and can be put to use with your teams today. My brother Dan is undoubtedly the originator of this model when he used something similar back in the 90s in a leadership class he taught.

The Flow Leadership formula for success is: 
Vision + Right People + 4D Model = Success.

And the analysis based on that formula looks like this:

  • No Vision? —> Anarchy
  • Wrong People —> Anxiety
  • Wrong Definitions —> Confusion
  • No Distilled Agreement —> Politics
  • Can’t Deliver —> Chaos
  • Unable to Drive —> Division
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For example, if your team members exhibit anxiety, then the team itself is sensing that there is a wrong team member is on the squad. If you have a team member that is confused, then the definitions in your product backlog are most likely incorrect, etc.

Quickly detecting a friction points empowers you to eradicate them and to free your team to succeed.

What will you do today to create friction-free teams?


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