What’s your Passion #16 – Four Lenses

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The Four Lenses of transformation and leadership used in the Flow Leadership Framework are the foundation on which the 18 tiles (or focus areas) are built.

The four lenses are:

  • Individual
  • Team
  • Product (Program, Process, Project, Line Management)
  • Organization (Portfolio on up)

Here’s how the Four Lenses look:

The Four Lenses

This is simple, easy and quick to understand and apply.

When we add in the 18 tiles, it get’s slightly more complicated:

The 18 Leadership & Transformation Tiles (focus areas) of the Flow Leadership Framework

Nine of the tiles are all about Vision.
Three of the tiles are about people, roles and the team.
The final six tiles are about transformation, measuring your transformation, the key tools that we use in the Flow Leadership Framework and additional ways that we measure Flow.

Leadership and transformation are simple to understand, but they are definitely not easy to do.

Let’s chat about how Flow can help you reach higher levels of performance individually, as a team, in your product development as well as your whole organization.

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