While Flow is simple to understand, simple isn’t easy!

Achieving Flow is NOT easy to do. Most organizations underestimate the complexity of becoming “Agile” or attaining Flow by at least a factor of 10.

The 30 Flow Action Areas in the outer ring help us understand why that is:

In the picture above, it is clear that:

  • Agile doesn’t even cover half of the action areas (the outer ring) needed to succeed
  • And adding in Agile Program management (SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, DA, etc.) barely gets you to over just half of what you actually need … helps explain why there is such a high failure rate for both Agile and scaled efforts
  • Layering in Agile Portfolio (or Agile business) leadership on top of that still only brings you about two-thirds of the way that what you really desire as a Leader.
  • The Flow Leadership Framework is the glue that holds the whole picture together and unleashes the true potential of your teams and organization.
  • The following picture is a little less complicated. Each the 18 main areas (tiles) and four lenses (Individual, Team, Product, Enterprise) that you use to Deliver the Flow Leadership Mindset are actually simple:

    Vision + Right People + the 4D Model (Define, Distill, Deliver and Drive) = Flow!
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    Yes, the Flow Formula in the picture above is intuitive – and that’s because it has been Distilled and honed during the past 26+ years. Although both of these pictures above might be slightly overwhelming, I encourage you to explore more about the Flow Leadership Framework


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