Flow Leadership: Professional Services & Support; Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting; and, Leadership Training and Certifications

There are three (3) main Professional Service areas for Flow:

  • Flow Leadership Services & Support
  • Flow Leadership Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting
  • Flow Leadership Training and Certifications
Flow Leadership Services & Support (subscription based)

The license subscriptions include three (3) powerful templates that your teams can use to Deliver consistent, remarkable results. The three templates are:

  • 1) the Flow Maturity Assessment;
  • 2) the Power of One (Prioritization for Portfolios and Programs); and,
  • 3) the expanded Flow Friction Analysis.

These templates have been test-driven with a number of organizations during the past twelve (12) months and have received excellent feedback from the customers using those.

Flow Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting & Workshops

There are currently over 250 certified FCPs, FCCs and FCTs across the globe that can help your organization Deliver and/or achieve the Value-add intended for any of your transformation, change management and/or Agile Scaling implementations. Many of those (up to 84% of them) are experiencing friction and/or are struggling. The Flow Leadership Framework helps you Deliver the Value-add intended for those efforts.

Flow Leadership Training and Certifications

These trainings will help your organization get everyone moving in the right direction … and loving it! The FCP (Flow Certified Professional) is a completely online training program. And, as mentioned in the note below, the general online Flow FCP training without the Certification is free (but, the caveat is that your organization agrees to make the FCP training available to all of your employees -and- that we are able to host the training on your HR LMS). See the Flow Certifications page for additional information.

The Flow Leadership Framework –
get everyone moving in the
right direction…and loving it

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