The Flow Leadership Framework

It’s a journey to achieve an Organization’s Vision and using the Flow Leadership Framework will get you there.

If you would like to listen to an introduction to Flow on PM Podcast that I recently recorded with Cornelius Fichtner, click the link above. There have been over 11,300 downloads of this podcast, so far. The feedback from that has been fantastic and very positive.

The following Flow Videos are the content portion of the Flow Certified Professional and Flow Certified Trainer courses and cover the following topics:

  • Flow Leadership
    • Why use Flow
  • Transform & Scale
    • Flow Transformation
  • Flow Excellence
    • (FCP) – Flow Certified Professional
  • Training & Roll-out
    • Flow-based Agile & Scrum
    • Why become an FCP?

These five Videos represent almost 20 hours (20 PDUs / SEUs) of training content and is available on YouTube, for free!

Flow Leadership

Click here to see all of the videos in the “Why use Flow Playlist”

Why Flow?

The Flow Leadership Framework Creates sustainable, high-performance
Leadership and Results for Individuals, Teams and Organizations!

Transform & Scale

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How to Successfully Transform and Scale

Transformations fail 70% of the time. Traditional projects 86% & even Agile fails 58% of the time. Flow helps you succeed instead!

Flow Excellence

Click here to see all of the videos in the “FCP Playlist”

Click here to see all of the videos in the “Why Become an FCP Playlist”

FCP (Flow Certified Professional)

Are you ‘in the zone’ of optimal performance right now as a person, team or enterprise? The Flow FCP video above shows you how!

Pursue Excellence by becoming an FCP and FCT
(Flow Certified Professional and Flow Certified Trainer)

The following Video takes you through the Why and How of becoming an FCP and/or an FCT.

Training & Rollout (Team Level)

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Flow-based Agile & Scrum

Most of the above Videos (except for the Transformation series) are the content portion for the FCP training (with the Transformation and Scaling portions are aimed at the FCC – Flow Certified Coach)

Helping people master Flow Leadership skills is absolutely the best investment a company can make! Let’s get started…

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